SHAKTI, 17/18 shirts collection, by RV

SHAKTI, 17/18 shirts collection, by RV

Bucharest, October 19th, 2017 – Răzvan Vâlceanu will launch this Friday, October 20th, 21.00 PM, his most recent collection of shirts, “SHAKTI”, within the Romanian Fashion Philosophy’s event, held in Bucharest.


“SHAKTI” collection, by RV
(10 visions of the divine feminine)

“SHAKTI” collection promises access to the infinite forces ofgreat divine powers, known as MAHAVIDYAS, a group of 10 goddesses, through the resonance phenomenon.


The fascinating mysteries of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers are revealed through 10 fundamental facets of God in manifestation: the terrible force of time, the grace of endless compassion, the blinding beauty, the all-encompassing vision, the endless courage, the sacrificial power, the fascinating glow, the sublime emptiness, the expressive play and the harmony.
These are the facets of the different cosmic personalities of the Supreme Women’s Energy, Shakti, each of which leads the human being to Ultimate Reality. Shakti is the original creator, observer and destroyer of the whole universe.

The message of “SHAKTI” collection is an AWAKENER of awareness towards the extraordinary latent power that lies hidden in the being of women and the role of feminine nature in the act of creation.

“SHAKTI” collection not only describes the eccentric qualities of each goddess, but seeks to interpret the Mahavidyas as a group and to visualy express their importance. Each goddess, no matter how remote she may seem from the Great Goddess in other ways, in her own hymn is associated with protecting cosmic order by slaying demons. This is striking, given how different some of the Mahavidyas appear to be from each other.

Our work concludes that, indeed, in the case of the Mahavidyas, 
all are one.

Razvan Valceanu


About Razvan Valceanu

Razvan Valceanu made to measure shirts for men and women describe a personal path taken together with our customers. From sketch to retouch, in order to become the signature of our client. Be it classical or avant-garde, each personalized shirt is carefully conceived to fulfill all levels of sophistication. Starting with best quality fabrics, high craftsmanship, and handpicked accessories. Razvan Valceanu shirts help our customers express their personality and style on every occasion. Language is power and our shirts are your instruments.

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