Quiz: What type of shirt are you?

Quiz: What type of shirt are you?

Have you ever wondered what your garments say about your personality and style? What if we told you that a shirt alone can describe you perfectly? We at Razvan Valceanu think that this essential wardrobe piece that’s been with us for thousands of years is your true mirror. 

Take this quick quiz and get your shirt together: http://www.playbuzz.com/rvonline10/what-type-of-shirt-are-you?utm_source=facebook.com

smart casualfashion
Pick a decade
If I had an idol it would be
When I open my window I’d like to see
This is how I spend my free time
On a Saturday night you can find me
My job looks like this
My body shape resembles (4 body shape drawings)


Get your results here: http://www.playbuzz.com/rvonline10/what-type-of-shirt-are-you?utm_source=facebook.com


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