DUAL, 2016-17 shirt collection

DUAL, 2016-17 shirt collection

DUAL, 2016-17 shirt collection by Răzvan Vâlceanu. Dual deals with fashion’s ability to find a sensual-concrete form for the supernatural and, vice versa, to transform the ordinary, the mundane, by charging it with magic.

Using only black and white as the absolute contrast, the collection brings forward the perpetual exchange between the masculine and the feminine, and the balance of these two co-eternal poles. Some pieces are ambiguous by nature, gliding subtly in androgyny; other ones create a direct physical response. Yet the entire collection speaks about this indivisible whole, while flirting with various epochs of fashion’s history, with literature and art.

Dual is a magic journey to capture beauty, emotion, and the essence of life. Aiming at the impossible, it is a task that has to be lived.

And worn.

IMG_0243        IMG_0246        IMG_0249

IMG_0253        IMG_0255        IMG_0256

IMG_0260        IMG_0262        IMG_0264

IMG_0269        IMG_0272        IMG_0273

IMG_0276        IMG_0280        IMG_0282

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IMG_0302        IMG_0305        IMG_0308

IMG_0311        IMG_0314        IMG_0318

IMG_0322        IMG_0323        IMG_0329

IMG_0332        IMG_0335        IMG_0339

IMG_0342        IMG_0345        IMG_0348

IMG_0352        IMG_0355        IMG_0358

IMG_0361        IMG_0363        IMG_0364

IMG_0372        IMG_0374        IMG_0376

IMG_0380        IMG_0384        IMG_0386

IMG_0391        IMG_0394        IMG_0396


Razvan Valceanu made to measure shirts for men and women describe a personal path taken together with our customers. From sketch to retouch, in order to become the signature of our client. Be it classical or avant-garde, each personalized shirt is carefully conceived to fulfill all levels of sophistication. Starting with best quality fabrics, high craftsmanship, and handpicked accessories. Razvan Valceanu shirts help our customers express their personality and style on every occasion. Language is power and our shirts are your instruments.

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